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Recycled Pallets

Badgerland Pallet recycles used pallets by sorting and repairing broken pallets. Recycled pallets are our most economical solution to your shipping needs. Our core business was founded on providing quality used pallets to our customers at a fraction of the cost of new pallets.

We typically keep inventory of standard size 48" x 40" recycled pallets that are available in three grades.

GMA Grade 48" x 40" Pallets - This is our highest standard of used pallets utilizing 7 boards on top and 5 boards on bottom and no broken or damaged stringers.

#1 Grade 48" x 40" Pallets - This pallet is a lighter weight pallet with less specific board patterns. This pallet will also have no broken or damaged stringers.

#2 Grade 48" x 40" Pallets - This pallet is our economy grade shipping pallet that has been repaired to a reusable condition. These pallets have often had their stringers damaged and are repaired by placing a companion stringer next to it. 

These pallets are offered in different grades to meet your needs. Each pallet is inspected and repaired by our repair team. By utilizing used pallets you are able to save nearly 50% of the cost of new pallets.


A combo pallet utilizes new and recycled pallet components to create a pallet that looks and functions like a new pallet but with an average 23% savings over new pallets. Combo pallets have been a cost saving industry standard for many years and continues to be a great solution for new pallet users looking to save on their pallet and shipping costs.


Depending on the specifications your pallet requires Badgerland Pallet may be able to offer custom recycled pallets to meet your business shipping needs. Custom pallets are often built by hand to exact customer specifications. Our pallet design team can help customize, design and source material for your custom pallet to correctly ship your product

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